• Visting North Korea through cheap north korea tours
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    The Democratic People's Republic of Korea since the ceasefire agreement has always been a mystery to international friends. There are many opinions that the North Korean government develops the country in the direction of agriculture, people are not exposed to modern technology, or the North Korean people always live in the heart of preparing for war, being forced into harsh living conditions. However, after some exploited Korean tours helped people have a new look at this "most mysterious world" country.
    How to move to first travel
    To travel to North Korea, the most common way is to fly to China, then wait for a visa to travel to North Korea to enter the territory of this country. There are two ways to go to this country, if you choose to travel by train, familiar route, usually going through Dandong (China) to Tan Nghia Chau city (Sin?iju) – North Korea, then take the private train of Trieu Tien entered Pyongyang. If you choose to travel by air, it will fly directly from Beijing or Shenyang (China) to Pyongyang airport with Air Koryo. According to Korean government regulations, all tourists are required to buy a tour if they want to visit this country. North Korea said NO to self-sufficient tourism.
    Country’s landscape
    The peaceful and rustic North Korean landscape, without lavish buildings, nor the busy modern traffic means will impress you from the first sight. All we see is the rice paddies stretching, there are simple houses which is contained in villages, and other thing surprise you is that  the streets never get overloaded by transport. 
    North Koreans mainly travel by public transport or bicycles, there is few motorbikes or cars  in this country. North Korea is also known as the country that never happens traffic jams. Here, the atmosphere is peaceful, you will feel  excited when visiting North Korea and know that this country is different from what you think about it.
    Tourists can enjoy North Korea by their own way, but they have to notify tour guide about everything they are going to do to make sure about the permission. In North Korea, there are something that you can not do because the North Korea’s Government does not allow tourist to do this. You will be punished if you did not follow the rules.
    What do you do in a cheap tour?
    Even when you have a cheap tour to North Korea, you still do something funny in this country. Besides visiting some tourism destinations, you can  spend time to learn about North Korea’s history through many things. Especially, you can not forget to enjoy North Korea’s dish. Many cheap north korea tours allow their guest to enjoy a lot of food in this country. Because, the most memorable things about a tour to another country is their food value. Moreover, you should  buy something to bring back to Vietnam as a gift for family or friend or even just bring back to remember that you have spent an incredible time in this country. There are some kinds of souvenirs  that you can choose in North Korea for example armorial or ginseng.

  • How much is trip to north korea price
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    Over the past few days, a series of services "following" the US summit - the 2019 Dynasty has been launched, making the Hanoi market exciting. Not outside the "hot" power of the event, many tour operators quickly discounted, promoted for Korean and American tour customers on this special occasion. Most notable is the Korean tour program for 5 days, with Pyongyang - Khai Thanh - DMZ providing by Vietnamese travel companies.
    Visiting in North Korea 
    Visiting in North Korea has very strict regulations on rituals, security and customs. At places like squares, monuments, temples all go lightly, tourist should speak quietly, be solemn and dress discreetly. The Korean travel experiences were recommended to you some attractions should visit. Kim Il Sung or Kim Il-sung has been the leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea since the country was founded in early 1948 until he died, and was replaced by his son, Kim Jong-il. He served as Prime Minister from 1948 to 1972, and the President from 1972 until his death.
    When entering Pyongyang in North Korea, visitors will admire the Reunification Gate 30 meters high and 60 meters wide. The image of two women lifting a sphere with a map of a unified Korean peninsula symbolizes the future of Kim Il Sung (Kim Nhat Thanh). North Korean tour will allow visitors to go through the 50m high Labor Party monument. Images of hammers, sickles and brushes represent workers, farmers and intellectuals. On the sky of the city center, the 105-storey Ryugyong Hotel is standing up. This is the tallest abandoned building in the world. The construction of the hotel has stopped since 1992. On the other side of the city, the Juche tower is 170 meters high, built on the bank of the Taedong River in 1982. The National Liberation War Museum was built to celebrate the victory over the American army during the Korean War. North Korea still has many mysteries, Korean Tourism as a teenage girl is still sleeping, you   an awaken and preserve what the North Korean people have.
    North Korean trip story 
    When it comes to North Korea, it is hard to imagine how the country and its people are living. Because the information they introduce to friends in the world is very limited even somewhat secretly. Located in the Korean peninsula where the political instability always contains, what is North Korea itself equipped for, surely very few people know, where everything is a question mark to examine breaking out the most realistic image of the people and the country is through the images that many reporters are qualified and the time to come here and record it. But, recently, North Korea’s leaders and government allowed tourist to come and explore North Korea, which means you can spend time and money if you love traveling and extracting new and mysterious things like North Korea. Trip to north korea price is not too difficult for you if you are really passionate. North Korea has many other interesting things, why don’t you quickly discover?

  • How can you go north korea holiday package?
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    Today, traveling to North Korea, one of the most mysterious countries in the world, is much easier than before because the Chairman of this country has issued many policies which loosen travel policies for foreigners. International tourists who come to North Korea to have a chance for visiting an amazing country are always warmly welcomed by the people and the Korean Government. Every trip to North Korea, though short and expensive, always offers visitors new experiences and visions of life. Going to Korea to experience new things with north korea holiday package is a right choice. 
    How can you go to North Korea?
    Although different tours will have different schedules, the overall schedule we mentioned below will help you get the most appropriate experience with this exciting country. Beijing is the main transit point in order to reach North Korea, where you will spend some time to explore here therefore we must travel to Beijing first. You start from the location suitable for your residence, the tour leader will welcome you at the international airport, instructions for checking in procedure to flight to Beijing. After arriving in Beijing, the car will take you to the hotel to check in and rest, then you will have dinner at a local restaurant, enjoy the famous Beijing roast duck. You will have time to freely roam the city of Beijing and prepare for the journey to explore Korea the next day.
    After breakfast, tourist need to move to Beijing airport, depart for Pyongyang, the capital of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Arriving in Pyongyang, North Korean guides will pick you up at the airport and take you to the hotel for international travelers. On the way back to the hotel, you will see the capital of Pyongyang, one of the mysterious places and curiosity for many tourists in the world, then tourists will visit the Triumphal Arch Pyongyang, the symbol of the anti-Japanese resistance movement of the North Korean people in the period 1925-1945, was taken from the Paris Triumphal Arch (France).
    Some attractive places 
    You will visit the International Friendship Exhibition Hall, which houses more than 100,000 gifts from all over the world and is presented to leader Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il. After the tour, you will be invited to the balcony of the gallery to enjoy the beautiful view of Myohang Mountain, while enjoying either a ginseng tea or coffee while watching. Tourists also cannot ignore the ancient Pohyon temple, which has the 11th signature, under the Koryo dynasty. Pohyon is one of the few remaining Buddhist temples in Korea with beautiful and calm scenery. The Victorious War Museum, which showcases all artifacts and weapons used during the Korean War (1950-1953). You can find USS Pueblo, the famous US spy ship attacked and captured by North Korea in January 1968, which is now on display for visitors. The Tower of Juche (Juche Tower) is also an attractive place, which was built in 1982, symbolizing Korea's self-reliance and self-defense will built on the 70th anniversary of the leader's birth. Kim Nhat Thanh religion.

  • Do you really know that employment staffing agencies near me?
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    Quality personnel plays an important role in the success and development of each company and enterprise. Therefore,  large companies often focus and concern the process recruiting staff with every step closely. Selecting the right people who meet the company's professional capacity and in appropriate with company’s culture will help businesses meet their long-term development goals. In addition to owning the HR department and directly implementing the recruitment process, businesses can now choose to use the services of recruitment companies. 
    Many practical benefits of employment staffing agency’s service to business
    Small and medium business owners are hardly an expert in employment, employee management, employee benefits, and legal compliance issues that cost time, while companies that provide staffing understand how to organize people and processes that help companies and businesses achieve their workforce goals. Their human resource professionals collaborate with  company's leadership to identify problems and provide solutions to reduce job-related risks and improve company performance. If companies and organizations have demand for using any labor-related service provided by employment staffing agencies, they can start by taking the time to visit the agency's website that provides human resources and see what services they offer. Some organizations use professional labor to hire personnel, they can also help your employees access the benefits of professional skills training.
    With the help of employment staffing agencies, companies and organizations can quickly solve their facing staff – related problems. They not only hire labor for you, but also solve some legal issue relating to your labor.  Although the recruitment process is the same, with professionals in human resource field, those companies have advantages over you to implement a high quality recruitment process to hire the best staff. In order to focus on the main activity and the core business, company need to invest in using service of employment staffing agencies instead of performing the recruitment process itself.
    Many advantages of employment staffing agencies to job seekers
    In addition to company who has demand for using employment agencies, job seeker is another one who takes the advantages from this type of company. Seeking for a job is not an easy thing because it is very hard for everyone to find a suitable job in the recession economy which fit both your knowledge as well as skills and your desired income. Moreover, job seekers sometimes can not reach to the recruitment information of many companies and businesses because recruitment channels is something far from us. 
    When you come to recruitment companies and use their services, maybe you have to pay money for them but in contrast, they help you find a suitable job which meet your demand. They have a list of potential candidates for using in the future and when you apply then send CV for them, they will evaluate and conclude that are you a potential candidate then add you to their list. Many people do not think that employment staffing agencies near me but in the market now, there are many company working on recruitment areas can help you find yourself an appropriate job. 

  • The role of invoice management solutions in tax administration
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    An invoice is an accounting voucher made by the seller to record the sale of goods or services. This is a type of original document that is especially important in terms of corporate financial management and in terms of tax administration by state agencies.
    On the side of the seller, the goods, services and invoices are the original documents that determine the revenue (price) of many important taxes related to enterprises such as corporate income tax (CIT), value added tax (VAT), special consumption tax, natural resource tax, export tax. Thus, if the seller does not invoice the tax authorities can not find out, they can escape many taxes at the same time. If the sellers note that the selling price on the invoice is lower than the actual value of the transaction, it will also lead to a reduction of the seller's tax obligation but the loss of the state budget. Late billing compared to the time of sale of goods or services is also a way of delaying payment of taxes to the state.
    On the side of the buyer goods, services, invoice is the original document to determine the deductible input VAT, the cost of calculating CIT. The use of illegal invoices (sales of invoices, use of false invoices ...) leads to an increase in the deductible input VAT, increased deductible costs, and thus reduce the VAT payable. or increase the amount of VAT to be refunded and reduction of payable CIT. In case of increasing the refunded tax amount, not only will tax collection be lost, but the state budget will be illegally appropriated.
    By advising the Government to issue Decree 51/2010 / ND-CP replacing Decree 89/2002 / ND-CP on the invoice management solutions, the finance sector has made fundamental changes in the management mode. Accordingly, the transfer from tax offices to print invoices to taxpayers  to self-printed or self-printed invoices. That is, give the right to print invoices for taxpayers. Tax authorities will only print invoices for some specific objects such as non-business units that do not use regular invoices, business individuals who wish to purchase invoices, etc. With this change, taxpayers using invoices will be very convenient, not take time to do the invoice purchase procedures, fully active in printing and issuing invoices. The tax authorities also reduce the manpower that handles the delivery and receipt of invoices. Tax authorities focus on tracking, managing the issuance process, printing and using invoices.
    With the issuance of Circular 64/2013 / TT-BTC, the Ministry of Finance has solved problems arising in the process of creating, setting up, managing and using taxpayers' invoices in implementing Circular 153 / 2010 / TT-BTC, creating a fuller and more comprehensive legal framework for billing management. On the one hand, creating favorable conditions for taxpayers to switch to taxpayers' self-printing or self-printing of invoices as mentioned above, the finance branch has advised and directly promulgated legal documents aimed at managing to closely manage the issuance and use of invoices.

    12-10-2018 05:13:23

    Vietnamese economy is in the most outstanding stage of development. Trade exchanges are expanding in both size and form. Along with that development is the appearance of more and more limited companies, private enterprise, etc…so the demand of accounting is becoming more popular.

    In fact, when the issue of publicity, transparency of financial statements reflecting the efficiency of manufacturing and operations is becoming more and more necessary for state management agencies, investors and the government, so that the accounting field is being invested for the future development. For each object, the accounting service has a certain role.
    In Vietnam, accounting agencies have appeared for many years in accordance with the official establishment and development of accounting services entering to the Vietnamese economy market. Since then, the number of accounting agencies has been expanding not only in term of quantities but also qualities, scale of business and expertized working members.
    According to the Vietnamese accounting standards, accounting can be defined as a process of collection, detailed process, reviews and analysis and economic and financial information provision under the form of value, artifacts and the time of labors. However, to reach towards international standards and become more competitive, there are some sides that a company should take care of.
    With the current economic development situation, when demands are rapidly raising, the size and scale of the organization should be considered to accommodate suitably to economic development and international integration. With the appearance of more than 100 entities including foreign based corporations, there are still plenty of chances and opportunities to develop accounting agencies in Vietnam. Moreover, while the development in accounting agencies is uncontrolled, quality of or qualified accountants and relevant experts are still limited as the lack of the qualifications and actual skills meeting all the expectations of businesses or employers can cause problems in the company’s time and money reinvesting in training and experience their staffs, directly influencing their benefits. This means that services qualities by many of accounting agencies are doubted due to the fact that they cannot afford the best accountants and consultants or fail to adjust themselves in providing various types of services. Besides that, marketing is a serious problem of many new founded companies as they do not want to invest their money in products and trademark. It does not mean there is no marketing activity regarding new accounting services, but they are running on a pretty small scales and cannot be conveyed to large population or the potential clients.
    On the other hand, diversifying outcome products is a matter of note in most of domestic accounting agencies. Their services usually focus on tax declarations, financial statements, payment process or etc., but  the foreign based corporations have their advantages in well acknowledge regarding other services such as tax and financial consultation, design online payment system, and so on. This particular set of mind will direct the accounting agencies’ competitive abilities. 
    The above mentioned challenges are some of the noticeable points that any accounting agency can be through at some points of time. Any development also goes along with challenges that all accounting agencies have to improve themselves for more sustainable development in the future.

    Read more: http://www.vungtau-tours.com/news_events/ACCOUNTING_BOOKKEEPPING_SERVICE_A_FIRST_STEP_TO_OMPLETE_ACCOUNTING_PROCESS.html

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     Myanmar in the first impression of many is 'nothing'. But in fact this place has many interesting experiences about culture, people and the scene is very beautiful.

    1. Explore the country of Buddhism

    Visiting Myanmar, visiting the temples is the best way to explore the culture of this Buddhist country. If Cambodia is called the "Temple Country" or Thailand is "Golden Pagoda Country", Myanmar is the preferred destination for the name "Country of the Pagoda." You can see Myanmar, where you can see temples, such as Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, Maha Muni in Mandalay, Swezigon in Bagan ... or many other small temples.

    You can ride your bicycle from one temple to another in your journey. Visiting the temple, visitors will meet the Buddhist meditation or chanting for hours. If you want to learn more about the worship rituals here, you should prepare some snacks and drinks as it usually lasts a long time and there are no restaurants around the temple.

    2. Humble, friendly people

    It can be said Myanmar people are very gentle, honest and friendly. If you have to forget something valuable on the bus, attractions, eateries ... then the ability you find is very high. Not only that, if you want to ask for directions or learn about a resort from any Myanmar people on the street you meet, then what you get is a gentle smile and hearty instructions. .

    Burmese people are also very important credit (say, make appointment is punctual). They always respect the most educated, academic, the highest education is the monks. Another interesting thing is that wedding invitations often specify the academic title, academic degrees as well as the achievements of the bride and groom ...

    Shimmering candlelight in Dhamanyangyi Temple
    Shimmering candlelight in Dhamanyangyi Temple

    3. Discover the Burmese tradition

    Traditional dresses of Myanmar are dresses, called longyi (for men) and tamain (for women). These dresses have a lot of patterns and colors. They are sold in many markets with different prices so you can buy one to try if you like. The way to wear is also quite simple, when just wrap the fabric around the hip tight enough. However, the way to tie between men and women is different, so you can ask the store staff to tie it to you.

    Come here, you also do not forget to learn how beauty of Myanmar women from Thanaka. This is a traditional make-up powder with a sweet scent, which has the effect of cooling and protecting the skin under the sun made from the powder of the stem of Thanaka. The use of this type of powder is very simple, just mix less of the charcoal and water for a slightly match and apply to the skin. The children here often draw lovely animals on their cheeks or arms.

    4. See fortunes

    One interesting thing in the traditional culture of Myanmar people is that they love to watch fortune telling. Most viewed in the shops along the famous temples such as Sule Pagoda, Kaba Aye Pagoda ... They often look at the name, career, marriage age, wedding day, funeral ... There are many different types of fortune-telling, such as hand-to-face viewing, face-to-face viewing, date of birth, etc.

    That is why when visiting Myanmar, besides enjoying the famous temples such as Chauk Htat Gyi Temple, Shwedagon Pagoda, Kyaiktiyo Temple, Kaba Aye Pagoda or Sule Pagoda ... the fortune telling is a very interesting thing. Every visitor wants to experience. After visiting, worshiping in the temple, you can visit any stall around the pagoda or along the way to the pagoda to see for yourself a fortune teller to know more about career, love, career. or destiny in the future ...

    5. Festivals

    Thingyan Festival (New Year's Day)

    Also known as the water splash festival, which usually takes place on New Year's Day in Myanmar. This festival is held in all parts of Myanmar by splashing water on others. It is meant to wash away the dirt that has accumulated over the past year and to welcome the new year with the purity of mind and body. In the past, people often prepare fragrant water (made from flowers) to throw on each other. Nowadays, people no longer use perfume, which is usually cold water.

    Traditional music festival

    Attending this festival, visitors will learn about the unique traditional music of Myanmar myanmar-burma-tours.com/tours/myanmar_5_days_yangon_bagan_mandalay.html. Traditional orchestras include: a set of drums (usually from 9 to 21 small drums), a set of gongs, bamboo bells, wind instruments, including hne - for very high sound - and flutes and cymbals. Beside the music, there are traditional dances with bold Buddhist characters of Burmese, showing the complexity of the dances, but they are also solemn when the dancers do not touch each other.

    This is the most important and popular festival in Myanmar usually took place in early October in the sense of paying homage to the Buddha. The most recognizable of this festival is the colorful boat, marching from village to village in Inle Lake. In the middle of the convoy is a yellow bird-shaped barge, symbolizing the myths of Myanmar, above the barge are five small Buddha statues of Paung Daw U.

    In addition, there are many other festivals in Myanmar such as the full moon festival in April, Shwedagon Pagoda Festival, Ananda Temple Festival, Kachin New Year Festival ... or other traditional festivals.

    6. Famous Attractions

    Yangon capital

    The old capital of Myanmar is always the destination chosen by visitors to visit the country. The capital of Myanmar attracts visitors with beautiful harmony between nature, architectural works and people. Shwedagon Pagoda is a tourist attraction that tourists want to visit when visiting Yangon. Besides the Sule Pagoda, museums, parks ... Not only the scenery, culture, Yangon also attract tourists because of its bustling shopping, shopping center in the heart of the city. city.


    The most fascinating thing about Bagan is that you can explore hundreds of great and small temples here. The temples are often close to each other, so the most suitable means that you can use are cycling themselves to explore. Alternatively, you can travel by other means such as taxi, tuk tuk or bus. One of the most special ways to do this is with a balloon. From above, you can not only see the panorama of Bagan but also take beautiful pictures of this city.


    Climbing to the top of Mandalay and enjoying the panoramic view of the area below in the sunrise or sunset is a great experience for you. Besides, you can also talk to the monks in English to learn more about the culture and people of Myanmar. U Bein wooden bridge is also an interesting attraction for you. With a length of 2 km, this is the longest teak bridge in the world, connecting the small town of Mandalay. Walking on the bridge to see the blue lake with the fish swimming underneath or rowing on the lake and watching the stream across the bridge is a memorable experience for you. Note to come here at sunset.

    Inle Lake

    In the minds of Myanmar people, Inle Lake is the most beautiful place in the world. The lake is not too deep, the lake is wide and flat like a mirror reflecting mountains, hills, clouds and the surrounding sky. Best of all you can go cycling to visit the surrounding small villages or take a boat ride to see the beauty of the lake and visit the nearby temples.

    In addition to Myanmar, you can also explore the ancient city of Mrauk U, Hpa An, Ngapali Beach and Ngwe Saung ... with many interesting, interesting and interesting sights.

    Golden Mountain Temple

    To Myanmar, do not miss the opportunity to go to the top of Kyaiktiyo Pagoda (Golden Rock Temple) to see the beautiful scenery from the top of the mountain. The temple is famous for its wickedness as well as gold plated surfaces. Legend has it that the temple still stands firmly on the cliffs due to the retaining of the Buddha's hair. It should be noted that you should bring your shoulders and knee outfits up here, as it shows your dignity and keeps you warm when the temperature is low.

    7. Discover Myanmar cuisine

    The food in Myanmar is rich and varied. There are many different dishes in the local people's meals. Each member will have a cup of soup. In addition to dishes such as lephet-do also known as tea leaf lettuce, this dish is made from fresh tea leaves mixed with cabbage, onion, garlic, peanuts and other vegetables. Shan noodles are made from fruit and vegetables, and the sauce is also worth a try. Parata is made from wheat flour, eggs, sugar ... also indispensable when you use a sack with a cup of tea here. In addition, seafood in Myanmar is also very rich, fresh at a fairly cheap price.

    8. Shopping

    The most famous in Myanmar are the precious stones, jade with many different sizes. However, if you are not an experienced person then you are very likely to buy fake goods. Besides, you can buy souvenirs made of bamboo, teak, stone paintings, sand paintings ... at quite cheap prices.

    Walking around the markets in Myanmar is also an interesting thing for you. You can easily find a favorite item right on the sidewalk on the sidewalk, pavement ... However, you need to bargain if you do not want to buy the wrong. Yangon Airport has duty-free shops, so you can buy a lot of things here such as cakes, candy, keychains, wristwatches ... for just $ 1 to $ 3.

    * Notes for visiting Myanmar:

    - When you go to a temple or go to a people's home, you have to go barefoot. Therefore, you need to use the type of sandals, shoes and airy lightweight for ease of movement or bring out.

    - Myanmar has two distinct rainy and sunny seasons, such as hat, umbrella, sunscreen and raincoat, especially when it comes to Golden Rock.

    - You should bring plenty of pants and not wear short skirts.

    - Burmese people often eat spicy, so if you are not a spicy person who should serve when ordering food. Should not be spicy and add vegetables when eating.

    - When shopping in Myanmar, besides kyat, it is best to make your money ready for easy shopping.

    - If you go on tour, you can choose Vimyan tour, this is the only company in Myanmar with Vietnamese guides. This is a good thing for you when not many Myanmar people speak good English.

  • Guide Indochine - Une semaine au Laos
    18-07-2018 23:26:30

    Quelle. Une semaine.
    J'écris dans un petit café dans une ville appelée Luang Prabang. Ce poste a été assis dans mes brouillons pendant quelques jours ... enfin, il est temps de tout mettre ensemble dans un premier post.
    Ce billet fait partie de mon blog personnel sur http://guideindochine.com/ - une maison pour mes expériences et rencontres plus intimes. Les écrits peuvent être liés à des voyages, des projets, des lieux, de la nourriture ... vous l'appelez - c'est une maison en ligne pour tout ce qui aurait été griffonné sur mon journal. Je gribouille encore le stylo sur du papier, mais c'est indéniablement illisible.
    Je ne savais pas beaucoup sur le Laos avant d'arriver. Je savais que c'était un pays enclavé et un endroit qui manquait souvent à ceux qui voyageaient en Asie du Sud-Est. Ma perspective de ce pays a rapidement changé et c'est un endroit que je suis reconnaissant de pouvoir visiter.
    Commençant par un bref aperçu du pays, le Laos est bordé par le Vietnam, la Chine, le Cambodge, le Myanmar et la Thaïlande. Vientiane, la capitale, est la plus grande ville du Laos avec environ 750 000 habitants. Vientiane est situé dans la partie nord-ouest du pays face à la Thaïlande
    Mes premières impressions de Vientiane étaient que c'était une ville décontractée, surtout pour être la capitale. Il semble que tout le monde est d'accord que par rapport à ses autres capitales voisines, Vientiane n'est pas l'agitation non-stop de Bangkok, Hanoi ou Phomn Penh.
    J'ai été surpris de voir combien d'options j'avais pour les restaurants, à la fois pour la cuisine lao et les options internationales. Il y a à peine deux nuits, j'ai eu quelques-unes des meilleures pizzas en pierre que j'ai eues depuis un moment - c'est fou comment la nourriture voyage autour du monde comme une langue. Bientôt, je voyagerai vers le nord et m'aventurerai plus loin des sphères internationales, alors j'attends avec impatience la nourriture Lao.
    La ville est assez praticable puisque la plupart des choses à faire et à voir sont concentrées dans le centre-ville. Depuis Vientiane n'est pas un point chaud pour les touristes (encore?!), C'est en fait assez abordable pour manger, dormir et voyager. Vientiane est encore moins cher que Luang Prabang!
    J'ai adoré les textiles et la gamme de couleurs que je voyais sur le marché de nuit. Immédiatement, vous remarquerez que presque toutes les femmes portent une longue jupe traditionnelle faite de tissus colorés qui passent le genou et atteignent (presque) la cheville. Le 'sinh' est fait de soie et brodé avec d'autres fils de couleurs, créant une tapisserie de motifs. J'ai ramassé mon propre sinh!
    Je pouvais sentir la différence entre Vientiane et Luang Prabang tout de suite. J'ai remarqué des montagnes autour de moi à Luang Prabang et une ambiance beaucoup plus villageoise. Bien que le tourisme ait considérablement augmenté au cours des dernières années, je me suis toujours tenu au centre et j'ai compris pourquoi il était important sur le plan historique et culturel. Les habitants sont très fiers du patrimoine de l'UNESCO et ils présentent le logo, presque comme un logo, à l'entrée de la ville.
    Une autre différence entre les deux endroits que j'ai immédiatement ressenti était l'incorporation de la religion dans la vie quotidienne à Luang Prabang. L'un des rituels les plus remarquables qui se produisent tous les matins est le don d'aumônes. Les habitants (et maintenant les touristes) restent assis sur de petites chaises en plastique pendant que les moines passent rapidement près d'eux en recevant de petites boules de riz gluant.
    En raison de l'afflux de touristes, il est triste mais vrai que les touristes fatiguent l'expérience et rendent plus difficile d'apprécier le rituel religieux pour ce qu'il est. Il est important que le travail soit fait dans des endroits comme Luang Prabang pour assurer l'éducation et la sensibilisation autour de ce qui est respectueux du point de vue des moines et des habitants.
    Je me trouve attirée par les robes oranges parce qu'elles contrastent tellement avec les couleurs terreuses qui les entourent. J'adore photographier les gens dans leur paysage naturel comme si la personne faisait partie de la terre et de la partie terrestre de leur identité.
    Il y a encore plus que je veux partager au sujet de mon dernier jour à Luang Prabang. Je n'ai même pas partagé le travail que j'ai fait avec différentes personnes ici en ville. J'ai visité plusieurs villages d'artisanat et rencontré une jeune femme inspirante qui m'a fait part de ses compétences et de ses rêves - restez à l'écoute! Je vais essayer de poster beaucoup plus régulièrement afin que vous puissiez attendre plus de moi bientôt!
    Surtout, merci pour votre patience! Il me faut du temps pour m'adapter à la vie sur la route. J'essaie de comprendre comment équilibrer le déplacement d'un endroit à l'autre, tout en trouvant des moments de calme pour être présent. Il est également difficile de trouver un équilibre entre rester connecté et essayer de se déconnecter, également dans le but d'être pleinement présent.

  • OMG Frosty!! It’s you 61st Birthday!!! What a milestone!!! Happy Friggin Birthday!!! ??? Because we love you so much
    06-06-2018 15:58:19

    OMG Frosty!! It’s you 61st Birthday!!! What a milestone!!! Happy Friggin Birthday!!! ??? Because we love you so much

  • What another cool weekend
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    What another cool weekend

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