Visting North Korea through cheap north korea tours

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea since the ceasefire agreement has always been a mystery to international friends. There are many opinions that the North Korean government develops the country in the direction of agriculture, people are not exposed to modern technology, or the North Korean people always live in the heart of preparing for war, being forced into harsh living conditions. However, after some exploited Korean tours helped people have a new look at this "most mysterious world" country.
How to move to first travel
To travel to North Korea, the most common way is to fly to China, then wait for a visa to travel to North Korea to enter the territory of this country. There are two ways to go to this country, if you choose to travel by train, familiar route, usually going through Dandong (China) to Tan Nghia Chau city (Sin?iju) – North Korea, then take the private train of Trieu Tien entered Pyongyang. If you choose to travel by air, it will fly directly from Beijing or Shenyang (China) to Pyongyang airport with Air Koryo. According to Korean government regulations, all tourists are required to buy a tour if they want to visit this country. North Korea said NO to self-sufficient tourism.
Country’s landscape
The peaceful and rustic North Korean landscape, without lavish buildings, nor the busy modern traffic means will impress you from the first sight. All we see is the rice paddies stretching, there are simple houses which is contained in villages, and other thing surprise you is that  the streets never get overloaded by transport. 
North Koreans mainly travel by public transport or bicycles, there is few motorbikes or cars  in this country. North Korea is also known as the country that never happens traffic jams. Here, the atmosphere is peaceful, you will feel  excited when visiting North Korea and know that this country is different from what you think about it.
Tourists can enjoy North Korea by their own way, but they have to notify tour guide about everything they are going to do to make sure about the permission. In North Korea, there are something that you can not do because the North Korea’s Government does not allow tourist to do this. You will be punished if you did not follow the rules.
What do you do in a cheap tour?
Even when you have a cheap tour to North Korea, you still do something funny in this country. Besides visiting some tourism destinations, you can  spend time to learn about North Korea’s history through many things. Especially, you can not forget to enjoy North Korea’s dish. Many cheap north korea tours allow their guest to enjoy a lot of food in this country. Because, the most memorable things about a tour to another country is their food value. Moreover, you should  buy something to bring back to Vietnam as a gift for family or friend or even just bring back to remember that you have spent an incredible time in this country. There are some kinds of souvenirs  that you can choose in North Korea for example armorial or ginseng.
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