Myanmar in the first impression of many is 'nothing'. But in fact this place has many interesting experiences about culture, people and the scene is very beautiful.

1. Explore the country of Buddhism

Visiting Myanmar, visiting the temples is the best way to explore the culture of this Buddhist country. If Cambodia is called the "Temple Country" or Thailand is "Golden Pagoda Country", Myanmar is the preferred destination for the name "Country of the Pagoda." You can see Myanmar, where you can see temples, such as Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, Maha Muni in Mandalay, Swezigon in Bagan ... or many other small temples.

You can ride your bicycle from one temple to another in your journey. Visiting the temple, visitors will meet the Buddhist meditation or chanting for hours. If you want to learn more about the worship rituals here, you should prepare some snacks and drinks as it usually lasts a long time and there are no restaurants around the temple.

2. Humble, friendly people

It can be said Myanmar people are very gentle, honest and friendly. If you have to forget something valuable on the bus, attractions, eateries ... then the ability you find is very high. Not only that, if you want to ask for directions or learn about a resort from any Myanmar people on the street you meet, then what you get is a gentle smile and hearty instructions. .

Burmese people are also very important credit (say, make appointment is punctual). They always respect the most educated, academic, the highest education is the monks. Another interesting thing is that wedding invitations often specify the academic title, academic degrees as well as the achievements of the bride and groom ...

Shimmering candlelight in Dhamanyangyi Temple
Shimmering candlelight in Dhamanyangyi Temple

3. Discover the Burmese tradition

Traditional dresses of Myanmar are dresses, called longyi (for men) and tamain (for women). These dresses have a lot of patterns and colors. They are sold in many markets with different prices so you can buy one to try if you like. The way to wear is also quite simple, when just wrap the fabric around the hip tight enough. However, the way to tie between men and women is different, so you can ask the store staff to tie it to you.

Come here, you also do not forget to learn how beauty of Myanmar women from Thanaka. This is a traditional make-up powder with a sweet scent, which has the effect of cooling and protecting the skin under the sun made from the powder of the stem of Thanaka. The use of this type of powder is very simple, just mix less of the charcoal and water for a slightly match and apply to the skin. The children here often draw lovely animals on their cheeks or arms.

4. See fortunes

One interesting thing in the traditional culture of Myanmar people is that they love to watch fortune telling. Most viewed in the shops along the famous temples such as Sule Pagoda, Kaba Aye Pagoda ... They often look at the name, career, marriage age, wedding day, funeral ... There are many different types of fortune-telling, such as hand-to-face viewing, face-to-face viewing, date of birth, etc.

That is why when visiting Myanmar, besides enjoying the famous temples such as Chauk Htat Gyi Temple, Shwedagon Pagoda, Kyaiktiyo Temple, Kaba Aye Pagoda or Sule Pagoda ... the fortune telling is a very interesting thing. Every visitor wants to experience. After visiting, worshiping in the temple, you can visit any stall around the pagoda or along the way to the pagoda to see for yourself a fortune teller to know more about career, love, career. or destiny in the future ...

5. Festivals

Thingyan Festival (New Year's Day)

Also known as the water splash festival, which usually takes place on New Year's Day in Myanmar. This festival is held in all parts of Myanmar by splashing water on others. It is meant to wash away the dirt that has accumulated over the past year and to welcome the new year with the purity of mind and body. In the past, people often prepare fragrant water (made from flowers) to throw on each other. Nowadays, people no longer use perfume, which is usually cold water.

Traditional music festival

Attending this festival, visitors will learn about the unique traditional music of Myanmar Traditional orchestras include: a set of drums (usually from 9 to 21 small drums), a set of gongs, bamboo bells, wind instruments, including hne - for very high sound - and flutes and cymbals. Beside the music, there are traditional dances with bold Buddhist characters of Burmese, showing the complexity of the dances, but they are also solemn when the dancers do not touch each other.

This is the most important and popular festival in Myanmar usually took place in early October in the sense of paying homage to the Buddha. The most recognizable of this festival is the colorful boat, marching from village to village in Inle Lake. In the middle of the convoy is a yellow bird-shaped barge, symbolizing the myths of Myanmar, above the barge are five small Buddha statues of Paung Daw U.

In addition, there are many other festivals in Myanmar such as the full moon festival in April, Shwedagon Pagoda Festival, Ananda Temple Festival, Kachin New Year Festival ... or other traditional festivals.

6. Famous Attractions

Yangon capital

The old capital of Myanmar is always the destination chosen by visitors to visit the country. The capital of Myanmar attracts visitors with beautiful harmony between nature, architectural works and people. Shwedagon Pagoda is a tourist attraction that tourists want to visit when visiting Yangon. Besides the Sule Pagoda, museums, parks ... Not only the scenery, culture, Yangon also attract tourists because of its bustling shopping, shopping center in the heart of the city. city.


The most fascinating thing about Bagan is that you can explore hundreds of great and small temples here. The temples are often close to each other, so the most suitable means that you can use are cycling themselves to explore. Alternatively, you can travel by other means such as taxi, tuk tuk or bus. One of the most special ways to do this is with a balloon. From above, you can not only see the panorama of Bagan but also take beautiful pictures of this city.


Climbing to the top of Mandalay and enjoying the panoramic view of the area below in the sunrise or sunset is a great experience for you. Besides, you can also talk to the monks in English to learn more about the culture and people of Myanmar. U Bein wooden bridge is also an interesting attraction for you. With a length of 2 km, this is the longest teak bridge in the world, connecting the small town of Mandalay. Walking on the bridge to see the blue lake with the fish swimming underneath or rowing on the lake and watching the stream across the bridge is a memorable experience for you. Note to come here at sunset.

Inle Lake

In the minds of Myanmar people, Inle Lake is the most beautiful place in the world. The lake is not too deep, the lake is wide and flat like a mirror reflecting mountains, hills, clouds and the surrounding sky. Best of all you can go cycling to visit the surrounding small villages or take a boat ride to see the beauty of the lake and visit the nearby temples.

In addition to Myanmar, you can also explore the ancient city of Mrauk U, Hpa An, Ngapali Beach and Ngwe Saung ... with many interesting, interesting and interesting sights.

Golden Mountain Temple

To Myanmar, do not miss the opportunity to go to the top of Kyaiktiyo Pagoda (Golden Rock Temple) to see the beautiful scenery from the top of the mountain. The temple is famous for its wickedness as well as gold plated surfaces. Legend has it that the temple still stands firmly on the cliffs due to the retaining of the Buddha's hair. It should be noted that you should bring your shoulders and knee outfits up here, as it shows your dignity and keeps you warm when the temperature is low.

7. Discover Myanmar cuisine

The food in Myanmar is rich and varied. There are many different dishes in the local people's meals. Each member will have a cup of soup. In addition to dishes such as lephet-do also known as tea leaf lettuce, this dish is made from fresh tea leaves mixed with cabbage, onion, garlic, peanuts and other vegetables. Shan noodles are made from fruit and vegetables, and the sauce is also worth a try. Parata is made from wheat flour, eggs, sugar ... also indispensable when you use a sack with a cup of tea here. In addition, seafood in Myanmar is also very rich, fresh at a fairly cheap price.

8. Shopping

The most famous in Myanmar are the precious stones, jade with many different sizes. However, if you are not an experienced person then you are very likely to buy fake goods. Besides, you can buy souvenirs made of bamboo, teak, stone paintings, sand paintings ... at quite cheap prices.

Walking around the markets in Myanmar is also an interesting thing for you. You can easily find a favorite item right on the sidewalk on the sidewalk, pavement ... However, you need to bargain if you do not want to buy the wrong. Yangon Airport has duty-free shops, so you can buy a lot of things here such as cakes, candy, keychains, wristwatches ... for just $ 1 to $ 3.

* Notes for visiting Myanmar:

- When you go to a temple or go to a people's home, you have to go barefoot. Therefore, you need to use the type of sandals, shoes and airy lightweight for ease of movement or bring out.

- Myanmar has two distinct rainy and sunny seasons, such as hat, umbrella, sunscreen and raincoat, especially when it comes to Golden Rock.

- You should bring plenty of pants and not wear short skirts.

- Burmese people often eat spicy, so if you are not a spicy person who should serve when ordering food. Should not be spicy and add vegetables when eating.

- When shopping in Myanmar, besides kyat, it is best to make your money ready for easy shopping.

- If you go on tour, you can choose Vimyan tour, this is the only company in Myanmar with Vietnamese guides. This is a good thing for you when not many Myanmar people speak good English.

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