What another cool weekend

What another cool weekend
What another cool weekend. Girls didn’t stay camped down the paddock last night. ??? Think there might have been a few pigs and noises that scared them back to the house. They all gate crashed Levi’s room (Double King Bunk) and got up this morning for some breakfast. Then we went for a walk down the creek with the dogs. They walked across the swinging bridge and a couple scrambled across the suspended wires. I asked them if they are missing there phones and the response was a positive NO. Winning...???


  1. Kaye J U'ren
    Kaye J U'ren 03-06-2018, 18:27:33

    Great fun and memories Nat ?

  2. Sharon Andrews
    Sharon Andrews 03-06-2018, 18:27:33

    Love them all!! ??

  3. Melanie Rickard
    Melanie Rickard 03-06-2018, 18:27:33

    Good times, crazy friends, Amazing memories ❤️❤️

  4. Jacqueline Wells
    Jacqueline Wells 03-06-2018, 18:27:33

    Looks like a fun weekend was had by all Nat ??❤️

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